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Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm EST
. >> the sex scandal involving david petraeus has taken a new turn. the investigation is expanding. the man who took over for petraeus, general john allen, is also surrounded in scandal. >> suddenly, there is a lot more riding on this investigation. two commanders are under the microscope. petraeus is out as cia director. he replaced david petraeus in afghanistan. he is alongside him in this scandal. general john allen, 48 hours from confirmation, saw his hearings put on hold. >> you're going to watch this closely. -- we are going to watch this closely. >> the allegations that he sent hundreds of supposedly flirtatious, inappropriate e- mails to jill kellie, the same woman who sparked the petraeus investigation. allen has denied wrongdoing. >> i know she is a good mother and a good wife. i know what ever it was was a conspiracy. >> for the first time today, the white house's take on the timing of it all. the president was not informed until friday. >> the president was certainly surprised when he was informed about the situation. >> the white house -- made evident by the search of paula bro
Nov 9, 2012 5:00pm EST
saturday medical injury and then crashed into a ditch. the students on board were unhurt. >> david petraeus of the resigned as director of the cia after admitting he had an extramarital affair. according to his letter of resignation petraeus says he "short extremely poor judgment." the president to accept his resignation letter. >> 11 days after sandy and some people are still in the cold and the dark. now, the mayor of new york has issued a mandate to help. t.j. winnck has more. >> some are still living without power. >> this is our katrina. i expect the people of this state to be treated with the same level of compassion that the citizens were treated in the aftermath of hurricane katrina. >> it has added discomfort for this long island resident fighting a tough battle against cancer. for 11 days, this has been the only place she can keep warm. >> i'm disgusted. >> her power should be back on by the middle of next week, they say. until then, her husband is doing his best to fight off the chill. >> of long as i can keep her warm, happy. >> . gas to power their generators and drivers the fuel
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
>> former cia director david petraeus was in the hot seat. he was not answering questions of bows the sex scandal that ended his career. instead he discussed the incident in benghazi, libya. >> this hearing was not only about what happened, but also why these stories seem to change. petraeus testified that the cia knew right away it was a terror attack but five days after the attack the administration was talking about protests. there were also questions due to his recent resignation -- recent resignation whether he would testify and when. the first couple of minutes were a tiny bit awkward today. >> basically his resignation had nothing to do with the benghazi issue. that is clarified. i do not think there's anything with respect to that issue. >> sometimes when the adrenaline is pumping, you realize that he is going through an awful lot. on the other hand, we have an obligation to find out what we could. >> why is the cia knew it was a terror attack right away, why did the administration felt talking points not reflected that? david petraeus said it was intentionally withheld. and w
Nov 12, 2012 5:00pm EST
the scandal around david petraeus and his biographer. congressional leaders are furious, not because of his resignation but because they were not notified until loans before the story broke. an fbi investigation of alleged and female harassment led into a probe that eventually uncovered the extramarital affair that began this shortly after his book and ended four months ago. learning more about the woman at the center of this scandal rebecca cooper went out looking for answers to the about paula broadwell. >> she was supposed to be in washington this weekend for a 40th birthday party for her brother. she may be subpoenaed to come to d.c. to answer questions about the petraeus affair. this was apparently intended for them to see. dad loves a mom. when news broke of the affair, the radiologist scott, and his wife moved to little washington, virginia. now, the family is in seclusion at of congress investigate whether laws were broken between paula broadwell and david petraeus. >> he has had many hurdles in his life. have been many assignments worked they thought it was a disaster. >> sh
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm EST
and what he's saying about the scandal that cost david petraeus his job. those stories and more. we will see you at 6 in a few minutes. >> "modern family" is new when they go way for the weekend and phil is left home alone and his main priority is wearing the house to his ipad. >> i have a third showing cam gave me a free pass. >> if you could hear yourself. promise me will go outside and play. >> followed by the rest of our programs. >> our newest abc 7 app. you could wake up to the sounds of our voices. the new alarm clock that is available that provides news and weather updates. you can wake up with us. we all have alarm clocks apps. the i found -- iphone app is free. let's hear what doug has to say about the weather. >> the skies will be clear and it will be cold. ityou may have to scrape the frost of your windshield. 39 in st. mary's county in halloran. it has been below average. down to 39. 40's elsewhere. temperatures are a bit warmer along the bay. some high clouds passing overhead. you see this in the satellite image from the southwest. we're dealing with a few high clouds
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5